The Hebridean Explorer - Highland Tours from Inverness

The Hebridean Explorer Tour Vehicle

Our current tour vehicle is a Honda CRV accommodating up to 3 passengers with window seats.

Tour Vehicle - Honda CRV Tour Vehicle - Honda CRV Tour Vehicle - Honda CRV Tour Vehicle - Honda CRV

While there is a 4th passenger seat in the vehicle, it is a smaller middle seat with limited width and without a window view and as such we do not recommend three adults in the back, particularly on longer tours.

However (for shorter 8 hour day tours and whisky tours) if you are travelling as a group of 4 that includes one or more children/teenagers, and/or feel it would be acceptable for one of your group to be in the middle seat then please contact us to discuss the option. There is no additional charge for a 4th passenger if your group accepts the limitations of the middle seat.

Please note that we do not take private groups of 4 on any of our longer day tours (9-11 hours) or our multi day tours due to the longer travelling times.