Urquhart Castle, Scottish Highlands

Urquhart Castle...

The ruins of Urquhart Castle by the banks of Loch Ness still impress centuries after its glory years. From Robert the Bruce to the Jacobites, from English invasions to the 'raiding' Macdonald Lords of the Isles, this castle was involved in many of the events that shaped the history of Scotland.

Only 15 miles from Inverness, the ruins of Urquhart Castle are well worth a visit. While many people driving past will look at this as 'just a ruin', don't be put off, that's actually what makes it so interesting - it lets your imagination run wild!

Urquhart Castle

Part of the experience is the visitors centre, which has a great exhibition and also a short video display which highlights the early history of the castle - well worth watching as it sets the scene before you walk down to the castle itself. The castle has had modern touches - paths, stairs and safety railings - but this hasn't taken away from the core of the castle which is great to explore.

Urquhart Castle, Scottish Highlands

You get a clear sense of the size of the castle, with some of the walls still fairly high and near the tip is the remains of the Grant Tower which takes you three storeys up for a wonderful view of the surrounding area. With the castle right next to the water's edge you get a great chance to take photos of Loch Ness.

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