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Speyside Whisky Tasting Tour from Inverness

Speyside Whisky Tasting Tour

Visit four great Speyside whisky distilleries! Enjoy tastings at Benromach, Glen Moray, Cardhu and Macallan.

Our whisky tasting tour departs from Inverness as we journey to Benromach - Speyside's smallest distillery. This 'hidden gem' is locally owned and has just three distillers handcrafting their single malt whisky. Benromach have a number of tasting options including their signature 10 and 15 year old malts and a rich oak organic malt.

  • BENROMACH Distillery Tasting
    £5 pp for 2 tasting drams   or   £10 pp for 4 tasting drams
Benromach Speyside Whisky Distillery Benromach Speyside Whisky Distillery

Leaving Benromach we head to Glen Moray distillery which produces a wonderfully balanced whisky from the waters of the River Lossie. Glen Moray have a number of tasting options to choose from including their Select and Exclusive ranges.

  • GLEN MORAY Distillery Tasting
    £5 to £20 pp for 4 tasting drams
Glen Moray Speyside Whisky Distillery Glen Moray Speyside Whisky Distillery

After an early light lunch at the Glen Moray distillery cafe lunch we continue through the heart of Speyside to Cardhu malt whisky distillery (also the spiritual home of Jonnie Walker in Speyside) where you can explore Cardhu's wide selection of malt whiskies.

  • CARDHU Distillery Tasting
    £6 pp for 2 tasting drams   or   £12 pp for 4 tasting drams
Cardhu Speyside Whisky Distillery Cardhu Speyside Whisky Distillery

After Cardhu we travel to one of Speyside's most famous distilleries - Macallan - where you can enjoy either two or four tastings from a wide range of their wonderful malts including their 12 year old Sherry Oak and Fine Oak, their Amber Series or an 18 year old Fine Oak.

  • MACALLAN Distillery Tasting
    £8 pp for 2 tasting drams   or   £15 pp for 4 tasting drams
Macallan Speyside Whisky Distillery Macallan Speyside Whisky Distillery

After our tastings at the Macallan distillery we leave Speyside and end the day with a journey through the East Highlands, enjoying the wonderful scenery and the stunning views on our return to Inverness.

River Spey, Scottish Highlands


Tour Benromach Distillery - Benromach tastings can be changed to a distillery tour and tastings. The price for a tour at Benromach is £6 per person along with whichever tasting options you choose. Please request in advance as the tour has to pre-booked.


This tour is a tastings whisky tour and only offers the option of a distillery tour at Benromach and tastings at the listed distilleries (only a number of Speyside distilleries offer tutored tastings without a tour). If you are interested in a distillery tour and tasting at other Speyside distilleries then please consider our Speyside Whisky Discovery Tour or our Speyside Whisky Contrast Tour.

Pre-booking is required for Cardhu (and Benromach if you choose the distillery tour option). Macallan and Glen Moray do not require advance booking, however during the peak season the distilleries can get busy and we may occasional experience short delays.

Tastings at the distilleries are optional and should your group have non-whisky drinkers then they can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Highlands... while you enjoy the whisky!

Please note that this tour is not suitable for children (under 18s).

April to October:          £340
November to March:   £300
May to September:      Monday to Saturday
All other months:         Monday to Friday
Not available on Sundays
This tour is not available from 21st December to 10th January.
Tours are exclusively for your private group only (up to 3 persons) and prices are per tour. We only offer private tours and do not combine individuals or separate groups - if your group size is less than 3 the advertised tour price still applies. Prices include all taxes and a driver/guide but exclude your entrance fees and meals.